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babas newsletter, issue 1

In case you missed it, here's a copy of our inaugural newsletter, dated June 16, 2020.

Greetings, babas patrons! We're looking to fill your inbox with something new ;)  We'd like to start sharing what we are up to and into at the shop but also beyond our four walls. Folks ask us every day what we're drinking, eating, cooking and reading and we'd like to share a bit about what's inspiring us each month via a newsletter. In this and subsequent editions you'll find recommendations from Marie, Edward, and Lane, along with information about exciting changes we're making at babas. We hope this finds you safe and well.

Marie Stitt, babas wine sensei

At this time last year I was so over rosé—it seemed like every instagram influencer was making their own questionable label and the "rose all day" hashtag and t-shirts just seemed tired. We had reached peak rosé. So, I went on a year long hiatus of rosé and happily drank chilled, chuggable reds in their stead. But this year, my thirst for rosé is BACK. I remembered why I loved it in the first place—the refreshing versatility with spring and summer fare; the joyful color in your glass; the delicate aroma and pallet that, yes, I admit, are appealing "all day". The best rosé I've had so far this year is Domaine du Bagnol Cassis Rosé, which is pricier than many of its massed produced brethren, but so worth it. You'd be hard pressed to find something more evocative of all the romance of the south of France—the gleaming Mediteranean, bougainvillea spilling over balconies, espadrilles—one whiff of this wine and I'm there. It's an estate-produced rosé from a small, family producer, and the quality is extremely high. The aroma has classic notes of bright fruit and flowers, but there's a minerality to this wine that makes it so distinctive. My rosé game plan this year is to stick to the good stuff.

Edward Crouse, baba di tutti babi

What I’ve got a crush on in this very moment is the most recent book by St. Johns in London published by Random House. It is astounding to acknowledge the ground Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gullivar have covered in the 25 years of operating their restaurant in the historic livestock market of London. This restaurant has coined and was the very first pioneer of nose-to-tail cuisine in its purest form. And this book, unlike its predecessor, has finally given a concise voice to their macro-perspective as the godfathers of this cookery. Every page me crave to be as honest about and true toward what we eat and drink as they have been since 1994.

Lane Becker, babas barman

I don’t get why Pastis isn’t a thing here. Even in the summer, people walk into bars, dripping with sweat, and immediately ask for a whiskey, neat, to sip. I always recommend something refreshing and crushable. A long drink is a great summertime option. At its simplest, this is one whose name follows the formula “a something-and-something-else;” we’re talking about a spirit lengthened with a mixer in a tall glass with ice. It stays cold for a long time and has enough volume that it generally takes more than three pulls to finish. And whereas, no disrespect, some long drinks are just so boring, a pastis and soda is ridiculously complex and delicious. It’s gotta be one of the world’s greatest long drinks. It doesn’t need a garnish. It doesn’t need anything except to be cold. A chilled glass, and lots of ice if you’ve got it (obviously most Europeans would never, as they’re allergic). The fizziest water you can muster. Or, as there are plenty of otherwise sane people who prefer a still drink when fizzy ones are available, you could stand here in this town brimming with sparkling water and drink it with flat. As long as it gets you on the path, we’ll make yours however you want it. Our friends at Bottles in Mount Pleasant got us hooked on this one from Marseille, which they sell for, like, 28 bucks a liter.

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