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3 days of food and drink in Charleston: Our critic’s 2020 restaurant itinerary

"The premise for this shotgun salon sounds like the set-up for a joke: A bartender, a truffle salesman and a wine dealer walked into a partnership ... They were determined to create a space reminiscent of European cafes, where refined drinks and small snacks charge conversation, and they succeeded magnificently."

Garden & Gun - "The South's Best New Bars"

"Inspired by bars and restaurants they frequented in Europe, Babas co-owners Marie Stitt and Edward Crouse teamed up with veteran barman Lane Becker and launched this all-day “old world café” in a former barbershop downtown. During the day you’ll find coffee along with pastries, salads, or a chèvre and roasted carrot sandwich. Come evening you can pivot to wines and enjoy aperitif bites—olives, cheese, pickled okra—in a cozy space that’s quickly gained a local following. Cocktails don’t stray far from well-crafted basics (Manhattan, gin and tonic), or try sipping on a symbol of prosperity—Babas serves up fresh-squeezed pomegranate cocktails, with your call on the liquor."

Eater Awards 2019

"Petite cafe Babas on Cannon is more than just a bar, but the drinks do play a large part in the identity of the space. Apertivo hour is when the old-world eatery really comes to life. Perfect martinis, strong Manhattans, and free crisps and olives with every drink are all part of the charm of Babas."

A new all-day Italian-style cafe coming to downtown Charleston

"As for the name, it’s a nickname that’s followed Crouse throughout his life. For his bachelor party, they had hats made with “Babas” on them. While wearing one on a flight, a friend was offered money for it. Turns out the word is familiar the world over."

Babas on Cannon, an ‘old-world cafe,’ is now open in downtown Charleston

"Babas describes itself as 'an old-world cafe,' which means its food menu is short; its ingredients are carefully sourced and its wine comes from Europe. Co-owner Stitt, who’s married to Crouse, helped select the bottles; she’s a sales manager at Grassroots Wine. The balance of the beverage program’s design fell to Becker, who last manned The Ordinary’s bar: His cocktails include an espresso martini made with milk-washed vodka and bottled fizzy gin-and-tonics."

Babas on Cannon, an ‘old-world cafe,’ is now open in downtown Charleston

"It’s in our faces every moment, every day, how much restaurants are bleeding right now.”